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Medium Strength nonwoven Geotextile

VNT Non-Woven Geotextiles are as separating layers in construction works: Preventing mixing of construction layers; Improving the  compaction properties of the aggregate layer; Increasing bearing capacity by avoiding material loss into the sugared; Providing long-term stability of foundation layers. 

When placing a Non-Woven Geotextile on both sides of a waterproof membrane, the thickness and strength of the geotextile protect the membrane from puncture: To ensure the integrity of a sealing material when fill material and/or loads are applied. To protect a membrane and at the same time, drain water in its plane. 

The characteristic opening size of VNT Non-Woven Geotextiles is designed to retain particles while allowing free movement of water: To avoid migration of fine material into coarse material; To maintain the water flow in the soil with minimum pressure loss. 

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